Dear passengers,

The Croatian Association of Independent Travel Agents (CAITA) is a voluntary and non-profit national association of tourist agencies whose owners or managers are experienced and respected tourism professionals in various segments of tourism.

CAITA has been operating continually since its establishment in 1993, and today includes some 50 members. All CAITA members are registered and operate in compliance with the Croatian laws and other regulations pertaining to tourist agency operations. Our members are also signatories of the Rules of Professional and Ethical Conduct of CAITA Members, which gives passengers additional security and guarantees high quality services. Our members pay special attention to protecting passenger interests by considering their wishes and carefully selecting business partners. Thanks to professional and high quality operations, the tourism programmes of CAITA members have been recognisable both in Croatia and abroad. For this reason, many have long-standing and loyal customers.

Through a joint approach to activities and the mutual exchange of experiences, CAITA has contributed to improving the quality of operations of its members, and in so doing, has ensured greater satisfaction of their customers.

Travel with full confidence in the services of the CAITA members.
Tomislav Klarić, president