UNPAH/CAITA – Croatian Association of Independent Travel Agents


CAITA is a non-profit national professional association of tourist agencies that have associated to protect and develop their expert and business interests.

CAITA has been operating continually since its establishment in 1993, and today includes some 50 members.

Even though Croatia’s tourism recorded continued growth until 2008, the year 2009 showed that the operating conditions and position of tourist agencies is becoming increasingly difficult. Competition is rising on both foreign and domestic markets, legal and other obligations are increasing, as are the rights and awareness of passengers. All this makes running a tourist agency more and more demanding. Under such conditions, professional associations are a significant support and aid in direct operations of tourist agencies, and in taking a common approach to resolving systematic and other issues important for the successful work of tourist agencies, educating staff, exchanging experiences, etc.

Benefits CAITA provides to its members

  • regular notifications on all relevant laws and other regulations important for the operation of tourist agencies, and expert assistance in their application;
  • regular and continued reporting on all trends and events in tourism;
  • representation of expert and business interests of members and joint action towards state and other organs;
  • free professional training for staff and improving member operations;
  • holding seminars, consultations, expert workshops, study trips, etc.
  • achieving professional cooperation with other domestic and foreign associations;
  • preventing unloyal competition and ensuring the development of good business practices;
  • active participation in professional bodies of the Association, etc.

Informing CAITA members

Association members are regularly informed by e-mail on all CAITA activities, and on all goings on of Association bodies. All important information is also published on the website (www.unpah.hr), which provides common content and information, detailed information on all members, special content for members and links to all member websites.


The assembly is the Association’s highest body, and it is made up of one representative of each regular member. The Association holds a regular assembly meeting at least once per year, and an electoral assembly once every four years.


The Association president is also the chair of the Executive Board. The president ensures the proper and legal functioning of the association, and is elected to a four-year term.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the executive body of the Association consisting of five members:

  • president
  • three vice-presidents, each holding one of the following posts:
    • director of receptive services
    • director of initiatives
    • director of marketing
  • general secretary

The Executive Council is elected to a four-year term. Sessions of the Executive Council are held as required.



  • for the southern Adriatic
  • for the northern Adriatic
  • for the central Adriatic

For transport
For public relations
For MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has three members appointed to a four-year term. The Supervisory Board supervises the application of the Statute, financial operations and use of Association assets, etc.